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Book Review: Beyond the Softness of His Fur: Part One: Wonders of Modern Science

Beyond the Softness of His Fur: Part One: Wonders of Modern Science by TammyJo Eckhart
Science Fiction, Erotica, Femdom, Furry Fetish
Title: Beyond the Softness of His Fur          
Subtitle: Part One: Wonders of Modern Science
Author: TammyJo Eckhart            ISBN: 978-1-61390-023-9           
Publisher: Circlet Press

Book Blurb:
When driven and dominant advertising executive Emily Potter is promoted within her company, the bosses make it clear that the promotion comes with certain expectations: she is to purchase herself a morph–a customizable animal hybrid of the future that is both sexual pet and status symbol. Emily’s personal tastes require a very unique set of specifications for her morph. Emily desires a male pet that is both exotic and submissive–yet all of her expectations are exceeded with Wynn, a beautiful white fox morph with a desire to please his new Master and an unusual intelligence that intrigues her. But the soulful wisdom that makes Wynn so special is a challenge to the morph-culture status quo and could ultimately spell disaster for both Master and pet.

Beyond The Softness of His Fur Part One: Wonders of Modern Science is the first installment in TammyJo Eckhart’s provocative and edgy science-fiction trilogy. “A tale of genetics, sex, and love between owners and pets,” Part One is concerned with the bonding period between Emily and Wynn and the unexpected threats to their growing relationship. Beautiful and sensitive Wynn is naïve to the complex world outside of his initial laboratory home and it is Emily’s job to educate and discipline him according to her needs. But to her surprise, Emily finds more and more it is up to her to protect and care for the intelligent and sensitive creature from a world that would rather bend Wynn to suit its expectations rather than Emily’s own.

Book Review:
Even though I don't know much about the furry fetish, I found this installment romantic and erotic. For a dominant woman, I found Emily sensitive in handling her new pet. Wynn showed a quiet strength that I hope to see develop further in the next installments in this trilogy.  The characters are well developed and likeable. As readers familiar with TammyJo's erotica, she knows how to romanticize the Master/slave relationship. A tragic incident threatens the new relationship between Emily and Wynn. Despite the tragedy, this book may be one of her most romantic erotica stories. I loved to read how the two characters struggle to guess what the other expects as well as what people outside of the relationship think of their different approach to the owner/pet dynamic. I love the way she shows the reader the story from each individual character. I'm not sure if it was a mistake or intentional, but near the end, I found a spot where Wynn spoke about himself in the upper case. I would highly recommend this to readers who enjoy a great erotica story. I believe the furry community will love this book, but I don't think you have to be a part of that community to enjoy this well told romantic erotica story. It is very intelligent and touching. Enjoy!

Free excerpt!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Editing Released September 2011

I edited a complex lesbian science fiction novel titled Mortal Instint by Widdershins. It released September 7th from Eternal Press. This all woman cast will keep you guessing about who will get together with whom, who will survive, and if they whole world will continue on.
Let me know what you think.
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Story Acceptance

My story, Good Girls Don't Do That was recently accepted for publication in Back Door Lover, an anthology being released by Ravenous Romance. I post details when I know them.

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Review: Transplant

I found a great review of my story, Transplant in the anthology Up for Grabs edited by Lauren P. Burka. An excerpt of my story, Transplant is on Fictionwise.

The reviewer said my story was one of her two favorite stories in the anthology. I am so excited.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Editing Released in November 2010

I edited Wolves Dressed as Men by Steve Lowe for Eternal Press, which release November 7th. It is a paranormal, werewolf story. Thiess prays to be cured of this werewolf affliction as someone hunts him. He meets Maria and hopes that her love will save him and the human race. Can their love save the human race?
Find out in this gripping story.

I edited Two Hearts Two Spirits by Michael Halfhill for Dreamspinner Press, which releases November 11th. This is a gay romance set in a Native American tribe preparing for the Bow and Basket ceremony. Helki and Igashu have been friends throughout childhood. Even though they love each other, Igashu feels torn about the ceremony. As the only surviving son, he feels the need to carry on his family name as a family man, instead of allowing him to be a two spirit with Helki. What will he choose? Will he choose Helki over his family or the other way around?

Let me know what you think.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Interview: Circlet Press

For years, I strived to publish a story with Circlet Press. I admired Cecilia Tan as an editor and a writer, and I wanted to be connected to Circlet Press and Cecilia Tan. My story, Medusa's Mistress was rejected by Tan, but she sent me a very detailed critique. Later that story was published by Alyson Books in their anthology, Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2008. Finally, I published my story, Transplant in the Circlet anthology, Up for Grabs edited by Lauren P. Burka. Circlet has always been ahead of its time in genre combining and quality erotica. I highly recommend their books.

1) What do you see in the future for Circlet Press?

We've seen tremendous changes over the past three years where we've gone from a traditional book publisher to mostly a digital publisher with a few trade titles, but at its core our business is the same. Ninety percent of what we do is the same as it ever was -- it's that last ten percent of how we put the book in the hands of the reading public that has changed. The book industry is going to continue to change and hopefully we'll keep up with -- or just ahead of -- the pace of that change. We were forced to go digital by the sagging bookstore market sooner than a lot of our peers, but most of them are now being forced to follow, like Alyson Books and Dorchester. The part that's the same? On the editorial side, we're still seeking out the best erotic science fiction and fantasy and delivering it to the reading public, then putting money back in the hands of the authors. That hasn't changed.

2) Does Circlet plan to release print volumes of any of your e-books?

We're doing very limited releases in print on demand only. The business model of printing up thousands of books and having them molder in a warehouse while you hope against hope that either Barnes & Noble or Borders will give a damn about them is dead.

3) What is the difference between your imprints?

We technically have four imprints, though two of them have not seen any new publications in a long time, and a fifth is on the way. Circlet Press, our main imprint, is for erotic science fiction and fantasy.

Then we have these:
The Ultra Violet Library: non-erotic gay and lesbian science fiction and fantasy
Circumflex: non-fiction celebrating the erotic imagination
Luster Editions: erotica and alternative sexuality fiction that is not sf/fantasy
Clasp Editions: paranormal erotic romance

I should note for any aspiring writers out there that we do not accept over the transom (unsolicited) manuscripts for any of these imprints. The only thing we accept unsolicited is short stories for the various short story anthologies we do throughout the year. We do anywhere from 12-25 of these a year, so there are many chances.

4) What do you look for in sf/f erotica?

I look for a strong main character, an authoritative and unique narrative voice, a positive take on sex and sexuality, and if possible a new or interesting sf or fantasy concept. Basically, I look for good writing which portrays sex and sexuality in a good way.

5) What are your dislikes in the genre?

Cliches. The whole point of combining erotica with science fiction/fantasy is not to just take the worst cliches of each and glom them together. It's to use each genre as a lever to pry the other out of their comfortable little boxes. If you don't, you just get a lot of "alien anal probe" stories.

6) Why do so many of Circlet's e-book's start with the title "Like?" Is it a theme?

The "Like" series is a whole series of ebook-only short story anthologies, with from 3 to 7 stories in each volume. Each book is on a different theme. The only thing they have in common is their format: short ebooks.

7) Does Circlet plan on having another contest?

I'm unsure right now. I would like to do another contest because it always bring in new writers we haven't worked with before. But the last two volumes, Best Fantastic Erotica and Best Erotic Fantasy, had to be crowd funded to raise both the printing costs and the prize money, and I don't want to go to that well too often. If we could get a corporate sponsor for the contest, on the other hand, I'd do it every year.

What is more likely right now is that you're going to see a "Best of Circlet Press" volume along the lines of Erotic Fantastic appear every other year or so, with the very best stories pulled from the 25-50 anthologies we will have published between print volumes. As with everything in the down economy, it will depend on money and cash flow.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Review: Best Fantastic Erotica

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica
Title: Best Fantastic Erotica
Editor: Cecilia Tan
ISBN: 1885865600 Publisher: Circlet Press
Book Review: This anthology collects twenty stories entered into Circlet's first erotica contest. The winning author, Arinn Dembo wrote "Monsoon." The landscape is erotic as the sex in this story. I only wish the author's bio hadn't left off the list of author bios in the back of the book because I'd never read a story by Dembo until this collection. Some of my favorite authors are in this collection, such as Jean Roberta, Connie Wilkins, and Thomas S. Roche. Connie Wilkins's story is a haunting gay erotica story. Even though I enjoyed the winning story, Connie Wilkins wrote my favorite story in the collection. With the high quality of these stories, I would highly recommend this collection and the new one with the stories chosen from the publisher's second erotica contest, Best Erotic Fantasy (and Science Fiction). Cecilia Tan always chooses high quality, literary erotica with elements of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or any mixture of speculative fiction. I highly recommend this anthology as well as any book from Circlet Press.
Review by Ellen Tevault